Working with a dietitian business coach: is it worth it?

Working with a dietitian business coach: is it worth it?

Hey, Krista here! I am a fellow Registered Dietitian, dietitian business coach and the founder and CEO of Dietitian Success Center.

These days, it seems like everyone and their dog are becoming business coaches. In this article, I want to talk about what it looks like to work with a business coachhow to choose the right one for you and how to know whether you’re ready to work with one. 


Why work with a dietitian business coach? 

There’s a number of reasons why working with a dietitian business coach can be beneficial to you and your business. However, it’s really important for you to make sure that you choose the right one for YOU (we’ll get into that in more detail shortly). 

1. We were never taught how to run a successful business in school. 

Unfortunately, as dietitians, we graduate with a skillset that we can turn into a profitable business but most of us don’t feel like we have the skills or expertise to do so. 

A few of my past clients have actually said that one of the best things about starting a business right out of school is that it gave them a ‘job’ when they couldn’t find employment, and it gave them experience to be able to get bigger and better opportunities down the road. 

While we’re on the topic, do you need clinical experience to start a private practice? 

NO! Though this is a common belief, my perspective is that you do not need clinical experience to start a practice. Private practice counselling is different than clinical counseling and they require two different skill sets. 

2. You get to where you want to be, faster 

One of the biggest benefits to working with a dietitian business coach is that you get a ‘fast track’ to achieving your goals. You are learning directly from someone who has done it before (and worked with others in the same boat), as opposed to spending time and energy trying to Google your way to the right answer. 

I worked with my first business coach in the third month of my business and it was truly the moment that everything changed. I look back on that and recognize how different I felt before vs. after working with the coach. My business (and mindset) transformed. Now, I am part of a coaching community and again, my business has already levelled up after only a few months. 

Coaching and coaching communities provide you with the advice, inspiration, motivation and support you need to get to where you want to be. 

Though the initial investment can be intimidating, the right program will change your life. But, make sure you choose the right program for you (see details below). 

3. Sometimes, you just need some accountability 

This is one of the biggest benefits that my clients report when it comes to working with a business coach – accountability. Working with a dietitian business coach requires that you stay accountable to your goals and actually get the work done in between coaching sessions. 


How to choose the right dietitian business coach

A few things to look for: 

1. Personality fit – do you feel like you would ‘jive well’ together? The majority of my clients find me through The Dietitian Success Podcast, because it gives them an opportunity to get to know me before they decide to work with me. And in fact, most of my 1:1 business coaching clients remain close friends. Personality fit is SO important, because you want to make sure you feel comfortable enough to share how you’re feeling while getting the support you need.  

2. Have they achieved what you want to achieve? Are they running a successful business themselves? If so, then the ‘proof is in the pudding’. 

3. Do you feel pressured to make a decision? Although there are times when you have to sign up by a certain deadline, a business coach shouldn’t make you feel undue pressure to sign up for their program. You should absolutely make the best decision that is right for you, at the right time for you. 

4. Is the program structure right for you? Do you feel like you need 1:1 support or is a group coaching program going to work for you? Make sure to pay attention to the program structure and understand the way that you work best before choosing a coach. 


How to know if you’re ready to work with a dietitian business coach 

1. You’re not making progress – if you’ve had an idea that you’ve been wanting to take action on, but something keeps getting in the way, it’s probably time to work with a coach. Coaching will help get you out of the ‘analysis paralysis’ bubble and into the ‘action taking’ phase. 

2. You’re feeling overwhelmed and are wasting time trying to DIY – trust me, I’ve been there. Thinking “I can figure this out myself with Google” and then wasting countless hours trying to DIY your business. One of the biggest benefits to working with a coach is they can show you the exact steps you need to take to get from A >> B. 

3. Your mindset is getting in the way – imposter syndrome, lack of confidence or insecurity getting in your way? It’s probably time to work with a coach. 


To summarize, working with a dietitian business coach can be a great way to accomplish your goals, faster. Given that we aren’t taught about how to run a business in school, there is a steep learning curve for entrepreneurial RD’s. 

If you’re looking for a business coach, make sure that they are the right personality fit, they have achieved what you want to achieve, you don’t feel pressured to make a decision and the program structure is right for you. 

Lastly, you’re likely ready to work with a dietitian business coach if you’re not making progress towards your goals, you’re feeling overwhelmed and are wasting time trying to DIY it, and your mindset is getting in the way of your success. 


Dietitian Success Center is THE professional development resource for dietitians and dietetic students. Our mission is to make it easier for dietitians and dietetic students to build expertise. We do this through evidence-based online nutrition courses, community and ready-to-use client handouts. Plus – we give you the tools to start and grow your dietitian private practice!

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