Nutrition Freebies (+ 10 freebie ideas)

Nutrition Freebie ideas

Today I’m breaking down the steps to create nutrition freebies (with 10 example freebie ideas) that you can use as lead magnets to grow your email list and your business. 

The Dietitian Success Center business membership includes a variety of business-related courses for dietitians, including Lead Magnets for dietitian entrepreneurs (approved for dietitian CEUs):

      • Learn even more about lead magnets and digital marketing for dietitians

      • Find out how to make awesome healthy eating freebies (including lots of freebie ideas!)

      • Get access to ready-to-use lead magnet and social media Canva templates to learn how to create a freebie in Canva!

    What is a lead magnet?

    If you’re wondering what a lead magnet is, you’re not alone. But I’m willing to bet you’ve downloaded other business’ lead magnets before! 

    For an example of a lead magnet, check out our freebies: 

    Client resource kit with 5 ready-to-use client handouts

    & Dietitian business planning workbook

    Lead magnets are essentially valuable resources that you give someone for free in exchange for their email address. It is a tool to attract clients to your business so they can:

        • Join your email list

        • Purchase your offer

        • Build a relationship with you as the business owner!

      How to Create GOLDEN Nutrition Freebies

      We’ve all been here before… we’ve downloaded something on the internet for free in exchange for our email address, and we received it only to find that it was NOT USEFUL. Typically, our next step is to quickly unsubscribe our email address! 

      A lack of valuable information in a freebie tells us that the content this person provides  isn’t going to be valuable in the future, so it’s probably not worth our time.

      We want to give subscribers something really valuable in exchange for their email so that they want to stick around on our email list.

      We can ask ourselves these questions to evaluate if the lead magnet we create is valuable enough.

          • Does this help solve an immediate problem?

          • Is it actually useful and actionable for someone?

          • Is it valuable enough that they can’t get it for free with a google search?

        And…does it leave you feeling like you are “giving away amazing information for free”? If you feel that way, you’re probably on the right track.

        If you’re worried about giving away too much information for free, keep in mind that anything you could ever want to know about nutrition is already on the internet. Consequently, clients aren’t paying for the information. They pay for support, accountability and someone showing them how to actually take the information and apply it to their own life.

        10 Examples of Actionable Freebie Ideas for any Niche! 

        When you’re creating a healthy eating freebie, you want it to be actionable for your clients. Use the action words below to get started naming your nutrition freebie, these examples can be applied to almost any niche! 

        1. Plan

        Example: 5-Day Meal Plan for IBS and Gut Health

        2. Guidebook

        Example: Free Kitchen Clean-Out Guidebook

        3. Step-by-step Framework

        Example: Step-by-Step Guide to Skin Health

        4. Starter Guide

        Example: The Starter Guide to PCOS

        5. Cheat Sheet

        Example: Low Fodmap Cheat Sheet

        6. Workbook

        Example: Nutrition for Endometriosis Workbook

        7. Challenge

        Example: 30 Day Anti-Inflammatory Food Challenge

        8. Quiz

        Example: How Savvy are you with Label Reading?

        9. Tracker

        Example: Hydration Goal Tracker

        10. Habits/Routine

        Example: 5-day Healthy Meal Prep Plan for College Students

        The DSC Lead Magnet course includes a step-by-step framework on creating your lead magnet.

         Plus Canva templates you can readily use to learn how to create a freebie in Canva and start designing your lead magnet right away. You’ll also get support with creating social media posts for sharing your lead magnet and plenty more freebie ideas!

        Dietitian Success Center is THE professional development resource for dietitians and dietetic students. Our mission is to make it easier for dietitians and dietetic students to build expertise. We do this through evidence-based online courses for dietitians, community and ready-to-use client handouts. Plus – we give you the tools to start and grow your dietitian private practice! 

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