10 Profitable Online Course Topic Ideas

Hey, Krista here! 

I am a Registered Dietitian, business and online course creation coach, and the founder and CEO of Online Course Blueprint and Dietitian Success Center. In this post, I’m going to cover 10 health and wellness profitable online course topic ideas. 


These ideas are based on current food and nutrition consumer trends. This list is by no means exhaustive, but combines insights from the following sources:


    Consumer trends can tell us a lot of information about what people are interested in, looking for, and excited about. These trends can apply to online course topic ideas to give you inspiration if you are thinking about creating an online course but are stuck on what topic to choose. 



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    Virtual wellness is here to stay. Sometimes there is a perception that in this post-pandemic world, we’re going to go back to “normal”, meaning more in-person nutrition and health care. In reality, when we recognize the time and the money that is saved by virtual health care and the idea that we can reach so many more people, I think we can safely say that society is going to continue in this direction.


    We’ve only just scratched the surface of the potential for online courses in the future. Keep this in mind as you go through the list below. 


    Let’s get into the list of 10 profitable online course topics (listed in no particular order). 


    1. Gut Health

    There has been a substantial increase in Google searches for “gut health” over the last couple of years. There has also been an increase in the search for “gut-brain axis”, relating gut health back to mental health. 

    Within this topic, there are limitless options for online course topic ideas. Anything related to digestive health could be created into a gut health course. 

    For example,

        • Gut health 101

        • A specific gut healing protocol

        • Low FODMAP

        • Celiac disease and transitioning to gluten-free living

        • Navigating lactose intolerance

        • Helping people understand food allergies versus food intolerances

        • Specific food intolerance or allergy

        • Gut health and fertility


      2. Mental Health 

      Along the same wavelength of the “gut-brain axis” is nutrition for mental health, mood, and cognition. Again, there are a number of different directions that you could go here such as: 

          • Exercise for mental health

          • Meditation for mental health

          • Nutrition for mental health

          • Supplements for mental health

          • Specific mental conditions like depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADHD


        3. Holistic Wellness 

        Holistic health and the idea that health goes beyond the physical has been more widely recognized since the pandemic

        Mintel, a large global research company, published a report stating that:

        “In the next two years, reeling from the impacts of COVID-19, there will be a push towards more holistic health. Nutrition will be used as the foundation for health, both mentally and physically. Healthy and nutrient-dense foods will be leveraged to support physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.”

        If you didn’t think that there was a course idea for any topic within the area of health, I hope that is your proof. There is a need for it, and people are interested in it. 


        4. Immune Health

        I’m sure this popular topic comes as no surprise. Immune support is a pretty important topic for people these days. This could be a standalone topic or could be combined into any other course topic. 

        Examples could include: 

            • Recipes for immune health 

            • Your unique immune health protocol 


          5. Whole Foods and Food Prep

          Since the pandemic, there has been an enhanced interest in food skills (this became quite clear with the endless homemade sourdough content found online). 

          This topic could fit almost any niche & could lend itself to a profitable online course topic. For example, you could do individual mini-courses on very specific topics like:

              • A DIY kombucha course

              • Homemade sourdough course

              • Meal prepping for fitness course

              • Soup-making online course

              • Smoothies guide

            You could also link it to a need state, season, holiday or cultural foods, including video tutorials and recipes for appetizers, main courses, desserts, or snacks. 


            6. Plant-Based

            Focusing on more plants and consuming fewer animal products is on people’s minds. They want a diet that is good for health and the environment. This is why more and more people are wanting to learn about this topic.

            You could create a broader course on how to transition into vegetarianism or veganism, or something related to general plant-based living. You could also do something more specific like vegan desserts, plant-based Mexican recipes or plant-based thanksgiving. 

            You could even pair this topic with another medical condition, such as: 

                • Plant-based diabetes

                • Plant-based CKD

                • Plant-based celiac disease


              7. Aging and Aged Care

              Healthy aging and wellness for older adults is a popular topic that generates a number of profitable online course topic ideas, such as:

                  • Nutrition for older adults

                  • Preventing falls

                  • Physical activity for seniors

                  • Courses directed toward caregivers of aging family members

                  • Different life stages, such as perimenopause or menopause


                8. Fertility and Hormone Health

                There is a world of possibilities regarding fertility and hormone health. These could include: 

                Health and wellness education to support, 

                    • Female and/or male reproduction

                    • Hormonal health conditions such as PCOS

                    • Perimenopause

                    • Endometriosis

                    • Prenatal 

                    • Postnatal  


                  9. Non-Alcoholic

                  I’m sure many of us have seen the influx of alcoholic-free beverages that are now available for purchase and the number of people that are choosing to opt out of drinking alcohol. An online course could cover mocktail recipes or the transition to an alcohol-free lifestyle.


                  10. Self-Care 

                  There has been a newfound general interest in spending more time, energy, and money on self-care. Exercise, nutrition, hobbies, meditation, yoga – you could literally go any direction within the topic of self-care. You could even create a general self-care coaching program, incorporating several aspects of self-care. 

                  Profitable online course topic ideas could include:

                      • Self-care and the emphasis on setting boundaries within life

                      • How you spend your time, between work and free time

                      • How to do a digital detox

                      • Mental wellbeing topics like sleep, stress, exercise and more


                    Profitable Online Course Topic Ideas Summary

                    To summarize, the top 10 profitable health and wellness online course topics for 2022 are:

                    1. Gut health
                    2. Mental health
                    3. Holistic wellness
                    4. Immune health
                    5. Whole foods and food prep
                    6. Plant-based
                    7. Aging and aged care
                    8. Fertility and hormone health
                    9. Non-alcoholic
                    10. Self-care


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