Celiac Disease

What is included?– What is lactose intolerance?– Symptoms– Diagnosis– Nutrition therapy, treatment, nutritional concerns, food sources of lactose
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This 3-part video course on celiac disease gives an overview of celiac disease and its etiology and pathophysiology, the common...
What is included?– Gluten cross contact– Sources of cross contamination of gluten– Setting up your kitchen for celiac disease
What is included?– Mix and match meal ideas for celiac disease– Gluten free breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack ideas
What is included?– Importance of fiber for celiac disease– Gluten free high fiber foods– Tips to eat more fiber
What is included?– Simple science behind celiac disease– Basic explanation of what gluten does to the small intestinal villi
What is included?– Grocery shopping guide for celiac disease– Shopping tips– Label reading– Gluten free ingredients and ingredients with gluten–...
What is included?– Celiac disease tips for gluten free dining / eating out guide for restaurants and take out– Includes...