125: Your Signature Program: 5 KEY Components to Include

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In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, I walk through 5 key components to include when you’re developing any offer – regardless of whether you are doing 1:1, group work or creating an online course. Links: Check out our...

In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, I walk through 5 key components to include when you’re developing any offer – regardless of whether you are doing 1:1, group work or creating an online course.


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Episode Transcript:

Hello, my friends. Welcome back to this week’s episode of the Dietitian Success Podcast. Today, we are talking all about components to include in a program. Offer signature program, whatever you want to refer to it. As I use those terms interchangeably. We’re talking essentially about creating something that your ideal client wants to purchase. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what word we use to describe it.

And so I want to walk you through five key components to include when you’re coming up with any offer. And the methodology that I teach here is actually something that you can apply to one-on-one you can apply it to groups. You can apply it to online courses. It doesn’t really matter. So regardless of where you’re at, if you’re just getting started.

Or if you have a business and you want to refine your current offer or create something new for maybe a new ideal client, perhaps then. You’re going to get something out of this episode. And so the reason why I chose this topic today is because next Thursday. Within the dietitian success center at nutrition plus business membership, by the way, we’ve had a name change. So we used to call our

Our nutrition membership, the basic membership. And then we used to call. The business membership, then you the basic plus business membership. We decided to change that when we launched the new website, just to make it more explicit. What the programs are, right? Nutrition. You either got just nutrition or you got nutrition and business.

That’s what that means. So next Thursday, within the nutrition and business membership, I’m going to be running a live workshop where I’m going to guide you through how to create an offer step by step. I’m going to be teaching. The different components of how do you know what to include in a program? How do you know how long a program should be? How do you know what you should teach? How do you know what to include all of those little details?

And then in this workshop, I will personally be there for support and questions as you go through the steps and as you actually do the work. And so I always try and make sure that all of my workshops are really hands-on. So that you leave the session with something really concrete. So you can use that time to actually work instead of saying, oh, I’m going to do that sometime. And then you never do it.

Because we’ve all been there. I just ended up falling. Lower and lower on the priority list. This podcast episode today is going to be the high level structure of what I’ll be teaching in the workshop next week. But I promise today, there will be a lot of value in this episode as well. And of course, it’s going to be recorded. If you’re listening to this after the week of March 9th, you can listen to.

That recording of the workshop as course content, and then you can post in the community and I will give you personalized guidance through the community. And so if this is of interest for you, I want you to join us. And honestly, the price is so affordable. Our business membership is $54 a month, which truly.

There is no business program out there right now. For dedicated to dietitians that’s as robust and as affordable as what we offer. Given the fact that you get all of the nutrition, handouts you could ever possibly want to use with your clients. Plus all the business tools. And we did this on purpose so that you could get the information that you need without spinning your wheels. And without the price tag of a high ticket business coach.

And I just wanted to mention I’ve had a couple of people mentioned to me on Instagram lately that they haven’t joined yet because their business is still new. And honestly, when you’re right at the beginning is the best time to join. Even if you don’t have any money coming into the business, because ultimately this is how you get to the next step in your business.

Sometimes the investment is the thing that gets you from a to B. And so particularly in business, this is what an investment is, right? A business investment. It’s something that gets you to that next level because it fills some of the gaps. It helps you learn some of the skill set that you need in order to get from a to B, you’re going to get your business set up and launch faster.

You’re going to start making money faster, and guess what? You can use it as a tax deductible business expense. So honestly, $54 you can join for one month. If you want, you can get all the information that you need. No commitment necessary. So I would love to see you.

I would love to have you join us in the membership. Okay. Now that we are done with that sales pitch, let’s move on. Okay. So what is a signature program? Just to start with a bit of a definition here. So a program is essentially a series of things that you teach somebody in order to achieve a desired result. So it includes a curriculum. What do you teach?

It includes the structure of the program. So what exactly is included when somebody buys it. And then it becomes something that you can really brand as your own. And I think that the term signature program comes into play. Once you’ve been running this program for a little while you have enough people go through it, you start to become known for this offer or for this program.

So that’s really what we’re referring to when we say a signature program. But again, I use the terms program, signature program offer interchangeably. So let’s talk about what are the five key components of what to include whenever you’re creating a new offer. So starting with the first. Number one, you have to know who your ideal client is. That is really the foundation of everything else that you do in your business. And is the foundation of your offer.

Who is your ideal client and what do they need from an offer? And this really helps to give you clarity in terms of what to include within your program. When you have an understanding of who your ideal client is. And what are some of their struggles? What are some of the challenges that they have with regards to nutrition that you, as a practitioner can build into your program in order to address those challenges? Now, the question often comes up. Can I have multiple offers for the same ideal client?

Yeah, you can, for sure. As long as they’re clearly differentiated in terms of the need state. So for example, If my ideal client is women with PCOM, I might have a one-on-one program. And then I might also have an online course. Now those two offers are clearly differentiated based on the needs. State one.

Is for the person who wants personalized support. And one is for the person who wants something. That’s a little bit more self paced, but typically we’re going to start with one. So I just, I D I want to say this, but I don’t want you to feel like you need to start with multiple offers because honestly, that just gets confusing for you.

It gets confusing for the purpose person on the other end. But for those of you that have been working with a program for a while, and maybe you’re looking to add something into the mix. That’s where something like an online course can come in when you can cater to two different need states.

So yeah, so that’s just a little caveat around coming up with offers for. The same ideal client. And so generally. We want to just start with one and we want to really focus on an offer that we can sell. No, of course. There’s many examples of having multiple starting with multiple offers for the same type of person. And Hey, there’s so many different ways to run a successful business. There’s no one right way to do anything. I just to, I like the idea of starting with one thing, just to keep things simple.

So that’s what we’re going to be focusing on for the purpose of the workshop. So that’s number one, you have to know who your ideal client is. Number two. Is an, I love love, love this one. And I think a lot of people miss it. Is knowing what you’re going to teach. So this is where we think about what I refer to as a curriculum or a teaching framework.

This is essentially where we start to lay out. Okay. So if somebody does this program, what exactly are they going to learn now? Of course, this is something that you would be doing with an online course, but this is also something that we can do with any sort of a one-on-one program or any sort of a group program.

Not everyone of course is going to need the exact same type of education. But if you have an ideal client and you’re working with this client regularly, you start to pick on, some can pick up some consistency. In terms of the journey that they take in terms of the content that you teach. And it’s really important to lay that out in a curriculum.

So that when you’re talking to your ideal client in a discovery call style situation, They are able to see exactly what they get exactly what they’re going to learn. This is a really important sales tactic, but then also. You as the practitioner, I think just having a little bit more confidence, knowing the direction that you are going to take with most clients and doing a little bit of that, that strategy with regards to.

What type of content are you typically going to be focusing on? So that’s number two is, You want to know what you’re going to teach them. Number one was you have to know who your ideal client is. Number two, you have to know what you’re going to teach. Number three. Is, you have to identify the structure of the program. So that’s the next piece once we know, okay, what am I going to teach?

Then we have to figure out what’s going to be the actual structure. So how long is this program going to be? What exactly is going to be included? How many sessions are you going to be, including if you’re doing one-on-one or if you’re doing group. What’s the length of the sessions. What, is there anything else that’s going to be included within this program?

So these are all questions that we want to answer within the program piece. And this is really a fun opportunity to get really creative. I challenge you to think beyond just including. One-on-one sessions within a program or within an offer, because this can be a great opportunity to add a lot of value.

And to ensure that your client has better results and gets more success. When we can add things that we know are going to help them be successful.

And so that’s number three is identifying the structure of the program. Now once we have the structure of the program, we can then start to assign pricing to different elements of the program. What are you going to price it at?

And in the business membership, I give you a really fun pricing calculator where I break down each element that you could include in an offer. And it gives some suggested price points. And it set up like a calculator. So you just pop those price points into the calculator and then it spits out at number four, the offer.

And then within online course blueprint, if that’s something that you’re, if you are at the stage of wanting to create an online course, I have a 12 week program that walks you through exactly how to do that. It’s online course blueprint.info. And so that in that course, I go through different price points for different levels of transformation that your course delivers on. So anyways,

This is a great tool. If you feel like, so you feel a little bit less, like you’re just, throwing spaghetti at the wall, trying to see what sticks in terms of pricing. I think it gives a little bit of that social validation. That other people are pricing in a similar way. So that’s number four.

Is having a pricing formula. And then number five is having a sales and marketing strategy to accompany your offer. So having sales and marketing messaging. That you can use to talk about what you’re selling. And this is really a step that is so important, but a lot of people miss and I was talking to a client about this yesterday, right? So often we come up with an offer, we slap it on our services page, but we forget that we actually have to sell that offer.

We have to explain why this offer is valuable for people, what they’re going to get out of it. And more than that. And so you want to make sure that you’re creating sales and marketing messaging. that you can use consistently. And so this is something that we develop while we’re going through this five step process. How do you talk about this offer on your website? How do you talk about this offer on social media, et cetera?

So we come up with messaging that you can use again and again. So just to summarize the five key components to include in a signature program. Number one, you have to know who your ideal client is. Number two, you have to know what you’re going to teach them. Number three, you have to identify the structure of your program. Number four, you have to have a pricing formula.

And then number five is having sales and marketing messaging to accompany your offer. All right. My friends. I hope that you enjoyed this episode. I hope to see you within the membership. And if you haven’t already make sure and check out our brand new website, just pop on over to dietitian success center.com. We also have some awesome freebies available.

If you haven’t checked those out yet. We have, if you just check. Rather click the freebies tab on the website. We have a client resource kit that gives you a bundle of, I think, five or six client resources. We have a PEs statement, cheat sheet that one’s been really popular. And then we also have a business planning workbook as well that I recently just updated. So would definitely recommend checking that out. Even if you’ve downloaded it in the past it has been refreshed so it might be fun to download it again all right my friends have an awesome rest of your week and i will see you next thursday

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