131: The Most Effective Marketing Tactic I’ve Tried

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In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, I talk about THE most effective marketing tactic that I’ve tried. Plus, I cover exactly how you can do it too! Links: This episode is sponsored by Practice Better. DSC Members can...

In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, I talk about THE most effective marketing tactic that I’ve tried. Plus, I cover exactly how you can do it too!


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Episode Transcript:

Hey there and welcome to the Dietitian Success Podcast. Today’s episode is going to be talking specifically about the most effective marketing tactic that I have tried. And when I say effective marketing, what I mean by that is that. Is a marketing tactic in which you actually see a direct return. So you actually get clients or customers or members.

Who say that they found you through that marketing channel or tactic? However you want to word it. And by the way, If this is not currently a question that you ask on your checkout form or on the form that you, that customers fill out or clients fill out when they pay. Make sure. And add it because this is, this question is really the only way to know which of your marketing channels are actually working for you and which are not.

And so I personally have tried a lot of things when it comes to marketing so far, I’ve tried so many different channels tactics. But the thing that I always come back to as being the most effective. Is the marketing in which I can truly build trust and get in front of people. And I have an opportunity.

To show people the value that I, or that DSE can provide them. And. In my experience, the only ways to really. Build this trust. Is through things like doing presentations to groups of people. So actually getting in front of people, speaking to them about a topic in which you, which is related to whatever it is that you teach in your paid offer.

I do think that word of mouth has the same impact. Because again, it that. Trust building through somebody that has already experienced you and the value that you can offer. But then if we’re thinking about more of a digital marketing if we’re thinking more in terms of digital marketing,

I feel like the most. Effective ways to achieve this same thing with regards to trust building is podcasting and YouTube. And so not Instagram. Not Instagram and not blogging podcasting and YouTube. And reason being is because podcasting and YouTube are both long form pieces of content where when somebody sits down and either watches or listens to you.

They are invested, right? They are invested. They’re hearing what you have to say. They’re experiencing what it’s like to be educated by you. And these, this is really how we build that know and trust factor that we know. Is necessary for somebody to want to actually make that purchase. And I think myself back to my beginning, my beginner entrepreneur days, and I think about, oh, this is really listening to podcasts is really how.

I learned how to start a business, like the amount of information and education that I got from free podcasts in the, on the internet from people like. Jenna Kutcher or Amy Porterfield, Marie Forleo. I learned so much from them. And then in turn I have bought from them in the past because I felt like I knew them.

I knew their philosophies. I knew that they had already given me so much value for free. So the assumption there being well, if there’s a paid product that solves a problem for me. It’s going to make so much more sense for me to pick one of these people that I already feel like I trust. Versus somebody that I don’t really know.

 And so I want to talk about podcasting specifically. Because that’s the main channel that I use in my business. I don’t really use YouTube much. Dabbled with it. I’ve tried it. I haven’t gotten a great rhythm down. And at the end of the day, I think the podcast is achieving the same effect. And so I don’t know, I wrestle with whether I want to really put some time and energy into YouTube or not. I don’t know. Right now the podcast is working for me. So I’m continuing to dial in on the podcast.

So with regards to podcasting in my business. 25% of about 25% of DSC members come from the podcast. And that stat was actually a lot higher back when I was doing more one-on-one business coaching. I pretty sure. I would say probably 80 or 90% of my one-on-one clients had listened to the podcast before they decided to work with me. That’s insanely significant.

And I get the question a lot. Isn’t podcasting saturated. The answer is no, absolutely not. Podcasting is absolutely still. In the early days and the way that we can tell that. Is because how many people do you know that have Instagram accounts? Instagram. There’s a lot of people on Instagram. There’s a lot of people talking about Instagram are talking about nutrition on Instagram.

Now how many people do you know that have podcasts that are talking about nutrition? Probably not that many. And so we are still in the early days of podcasting. There should be more people. In the nutrition space who are podcasting. Specifically, sorry. I am still getting over this cold. That’s been lost in me forever.

Specifically, if you have a really defined niche, there’s just there’s nothing like finding a podcast as a listener that really speaks to. A specific struggle that you have. And so overall I recommend podcasting because I feel like there’s no other way to build the know like, and trust factor.

It’s such a great way to funnel people to your email list. So you can shout out your freebie. You can get people to sign up for that. It’s another way on top of, or aside from Instagram, to be able to get people to your email list. You build loyalty. So I have. I have people that tell me all the time that they’ve listened to the pod, this podcast since day one.

Which makes me so happy to hear. It also helps with your Google SEO as well. So a lot of you know, even, so the podcast platforms like. Apple podcasts or Spotify, Google podcasts. They will show up. If somebody searches for your episode in Google search, you can also publish your podcast episodes to your website. And you can add show notes, which almost act like blog posts. If you’re scattering the right keywords throughout them.

And really such an awesome way to connect with others as well. I just, one of the coolest things has been for me has been having guests on the podcast and doing guest interviews and meeting new dietitians, meeting new experts, meeting new professionals and being able to learn from them and connect with them. That has been so fun. I’ve built such.

Some really awesome strong friendships, just because I’ve done a podcast episode with somebody. So that’s really fun too. And there’s a lot of myths, I would say that come with podcasting as well. I think what the biggest thing is that, oh, that is a massive time investment. I just don’t have the time for it.

And this is not necessarily the case. I especially, if you are willing to embrace, the done is better than perfect. Mentality, but at the same time, 25% of members that I get from my podcast. It’s certainly worth the time I spend. And for me, essentially what this looks like, what my workflow looks like is.

At the end of each month, I plan out my episodes for the next month. I, when it comes to each episode, I write out a pretty brief outline of what I’m going to say. So I don’t script it. I just write out a bullet point outline. This episode here probably took me 15 minutes to write the outline. And then when I’m ready, I just record it in a platform called descript to script is amazing because it has all of these really easy built-in editing tools. So things like you can bulk delete filler words. So if you have a lot of us or ums, you can bulk delete them, which saves so much time from an editing perspective or.

You don’t even have to edit it if you don’t want to. You don’t. And then I record, so I record it, I export it. I upload it to my podcast host, but Buzzsprout, and then Buzzsprout shares it out to all of the podcasting platform. Truly, it’s not that. It doesn’t have to be. That massive of a time investment.

And so as part of this, I wanted to share that I’m actually going to be. Releasing a podcasting course. This month within the DSE membership. So those who have the business membership will have access to this course. And it is going to be a podcasting 1 0 1, start to finish. I’m going to show you exactly how to start your own podcast.

Course. So we’re going to go through five different steps. So the first step is going to be podcasts set up. So how do you even decide what you’re going to have a podcast about? I’m going to talk about step two is going to be episode structure. So how do we create that outline? What do we cover? Step three will be all of the recording. The tech, the editing piece step four is going to be uploading and sharing. Actually that’s step four and five uploading and then sharing.

And then I’ll also be covering for those people that are listening to this that are like, you know what, I’m not invested in starting my own podcast. That’s totally fine. You can at least get your feet wet in terms of being a guest on other people’s podcasts. And so I’m going to talk, I’ll teach also about pitching to be a guest on other people’s podcasts. And if you’ve been thinking about joining DSC for awhile now is the perfect time we are doing for the next 30 days.

We are offering a seven day free trial. So you can try DSC before you commit. And so if you just pop over to the website, just go to dietitian success center.com and just click the membership tab. All of the buttons there will lead you to the free trial. So make sure and check that out. It’s the perfect time to join.

And again, podcasting is going to be coming out. When I’m recording this April, 2023. So if you’re joining. If you’re joining DSC after April, 2023, you can search for the course within our business content. So thank you so much for listening to this episode. It was so awesome to chat with you. I finally managed to achieve.

A short and sweet episode this time. Which was fun it feels really good it was nice and quick so i hope you have an awesome rest of your week and i will see you next thursday

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