135: Why Every Dietitian Business Needs an Online Course

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In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, I discuss 3 key reasons why you need to create an online course for your business. Plus, I share HOW and WHY an online course is a smart business move. Links: Check...

In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, I discuss 3 key reasons why you need to create an online course for your business. Plus, I share HOW and WHY an online course is a smart business move.


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Episode Transcript:

Hey there. How are you? I hope you are having an awesome week. I am using this episode to revisit a topic that I have talked about before. But I am in the course creation mindset. Right now, we are working on a brand new course for DSC. And so this is a topic that is just super top of mind for me. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about it, and I know that there’s a lot of interest in creating online courses from the dietician world, from the dietician community. So I thought let’s do a little fresh take on why every dietician business needs an online course.

Yes. I know that this is a very bold statement. But I hope after this episode, You’ll walk away understanding the rationale and the true benefit of having an online course as a registered dieittian. And maybe for you, you’ve taken an online course in the past and you’ve thought, oh my gosh, that’d be so cool to have my very own.

Or maybe you are finding that you are working with clients. One-on-one, you’re feeling a little bit chained to that, and you’re looking for opportunities. To bring in to diversify your income streams and bring in some passive income in your business. That is a very real challenge that a lot of private practice owners find themselves in, or maybe you are just creatively inspired to create something and help more people.

In whatever topic area you cover. So regardless of your rationale, again, I really am a firm believer that every dietician business. I can absolutely use and needs in fact, And online course. So in today’s episode, I’m going to talk about. The three sort of core reasons why this is really my belief.

And if you’ve been thinking about creating an online course, but you’re not super sure where to start. I have a free training available. On choosing your profitable online course topics. So this is really one of the first steps that we take. And I know this is often where a lot of people get stuck where they’re like, okay, I know I, I work in this IBS space or I work in the PCOM.

Space or I work in picky eating, but I don’t know how narrow do I need to be when. I choose an online course topic. What does that look like? So I’ve created a masterclass it’s totally free. It’s 27 minutes and it walks you through how exactly. To come up with a course topic and it’s designed so that you actually walk away with your topic nailed down so that you can move on to the next step so that you can get unstuck.

And perhaps you are just really looking for that motivation. To help you move forward in this online course journey, because you’ve been thinking about it for awhile and you just need to take your first step. So this is your first step. This is your sign. That this is your first step being handed to you on a silver platter. So make sure to check that out. The link for that free training.

On choosing your profitable online course, topic is in the description of this podcast episode. You can also pop on over to online course blueprint.info. And then backsplash back slash. Profitable online course topic, but the link is in the description of this episode, that’s probably easier in order to find it.

Okay. So let’s get into the content. The top three reasons why I am a firm believer that every dietician business needs an online course. The very first one of course is that it is just smart for your business. So one of the best things that we can do as business owners, Is diversifying our income streams. So I like to use the analogy and this is something that I heard in a previous podcast. I know I’ve talked about this on this podcast before. But it came from somebody named Bjork. Ostrom.

And he has podcast is food blogger pro I believe that’s the name of the podcast. I think. But he talks about, he uses this analogy of thinking about income streams in your business, like eggs in an egg carton. Where, you eventually, typically you start with one income stream that might be one-on-one clients.

But then eventually you want to start adding eggs to the egg carton because as we start adding eggs to the egg carton, If we take away one of those eggs. So let’s say one of our income streams dries out for whatever reason, maybe you are no longer wanting to work with clients one-on-one you can take away that income stream and you will still have other eggs in the egg carton to supplement your income.

And together all of those eggs account for your total business revenues. So typically that’s how we start to really scale our businesses and bring in more money in our businesses. Is by adding more eggs, the egg carton. And perhaps you’re feeling, and I hear this a lot, right? We’re finding that working with clients one-on-one is challenging from an energy perspective. So it can feel difficult. It can feel draining to work with back-to-back clients all day, every day, but feeling like that’s really the only way to make more money in your business is by taking on more one-on-one clients.

Or maybe, you want to take time off from your business and still bring in income, but how does that happen? If we aren’t actually actively working with clients. And so this is really where an online course comes into play. Just to give you an idea, just to give you an example in my own business, I almost entirely now rely on online course.

Revenues or online course sales to bring in. Money in my business. So my business includes dietician success center, which is an, a ma a membership. And so I, I. I consider a membership to be. Oh, like to fall under the umbrella of online courses, because within the membership you get access to online courses.

And so it’s just the way that it’s structured from a financial perspective is a little different because it’s a monthly recurring subscription versus a one-time payment, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s still online course sales. So online course, so dietitian success center, and then online course blueprint, which is my 12 week program, which teaches you the start to finish process.

Of creating buildings, selling, marketing your very own online course. So those two pieces. Make up the biggest chunk of revenues coming into my business. And so just to give you an idea, This past weekend we went on a trip to San Francisco and we have it set up so that we have automated email funnels that are really happening in the background so that when somebody’s.

Subscribes to the email list for online course blueprint or for dietician success and, or they’re getting a series of emails. Which are really designed to educate about either program to inform, to build the know like, and trust factor, and then ultimately to ask for the sale. And so those are happening in the background. They’re doing the selling work for me, for us, so that I can go on vacation and sales are still coming in. So sales were coming in all weekend and I wasn’t working at all.

I like to use this as an example just to show that this is entirely possible, you can absolutely build a business that’s entirely based on. Online course sales. It’s not what it’s going to look like on day one. I just want to be very real realistic with you. I’m not trying to paint an unrealistic picture.

But it is possible over time. That’s possible over time and it starts with your first online course. So that’s the first piece is it adds an additional income stream and it gives you a little bit more of that freedom and flexibility when it comes to your business. And the other reason too, is because an online course can be used at.

In multiple different ways within your business. You can sell it as a standalone item. So something that’s completely passive people can just purchase it off your website. Sales will just come in. You’ll wake up in the morning and then you’ll have an email notification that you sold something while you were sleeping, which is pretty cool.

Or. And or. You can use it as an added benefit for your one-on-one clients or as a curriculum for your group program. So particularly with one-on-one clients, if there is material that you’re finding, you’re teaching over and over again. And I know that there is, there are stuff that you probably teach to every single client.

Anything you teach repetitively can be automated. Absolutely. So that you are spending less time regurgitating information over and over again. And spending more time on goal setting on action planning, et cetera. So with your one-on-one client packages, if you increase the price you can account for it, you can include the online course within your one-on-one sessions or within your one-on-one packages.

And you’re already making money from that online course, through both a standalone and also within your one-on-one client packages. So that’s pretty cool. So it can be used in multiple ways and that’s. What I love about an online course is it’s like the gift that keeps on giving. You create it once. And yes, there is going to be work involved in creating it. But once you create it,

You can just utilize it again and again, in your business to keep bringing in money, which is pretty awesome. So that’s really the first big piece is that having an online course is just a smart move for your business. The second piece is that. Online courses are really the way of the future when it comes to education.

And, I think particularly post pandemic this whole idea of online learning has gotten, has really expedited and it’s gotten so much more popular. And because of this, we really need to make sure we’re staying on top of these trends because we’re going to start finding, and we’re going to start seeing.

More practitioners offering online courses to their audiences and. As an audience, we’re looking for new, innovative, interesting ways to learn. And so we’re going to opt for those options. And so we need to make sure we’re staying on top of this. We’re staying on top of these trends. And this is such a smart time to get into the online course space because it is not saturated.

In any way. It is by no means saturated. There’s still so much room for this is still a relatively new idea. So there’s still so much room. For people just like you to be creating online courses in whatever topic area they are interested in. So we just want to make sure we’re on the front end of this trend so that you can not only capitalize it on.

For yourself, capitalize on it for yourself. But you’re also learning a new skill set that you’re going to continue to use again. And again, whether it’s in your own business, whether you are employed.

So it’s the way of the future online courses. They’re here to stay. We need to stay on top of this trend. And then lastly is that as dieticians, we’re really in the perfect position to create online courses. This is what the cool thing about being in this space is that. We don’t require in-person like physio or like massage therapy. That’d be pretty, it’d be much more difficult, not impossible, but more difficult to come up and create an online course.

If you rely on that in-person interaction, we generally don’t. Dieticians can generally do their work from a virtual space. And because of that because of our ability to educate virtually. And because we don’t necessarily need to be there with the person in order to deliver our information or deliver our service. Hey,

That means that we are in the perfect position to create online courses. And I know a lot of you are probably questioning whether enough to create an online course. And what I always say to this is if enough to work with a client, one-on-one. Then you absolutely know enough to create an online course, because essentially we’re taking what we teach to a client. We’re packaging it.

Into a course into something that’s automated. It’s no different than the education that you’re actually doing when you’re working with clients. One-on-one. An online course does not mean that we are creating. A thesis on a specific topic. We’re not trying to include everything under the kitchen sink.

We’re not creating a university level curriculum for this topic. We are coming back to client centered care and we’re thinking about what does my client need to know how much information is enough? I’m not going to be overwhelming them by delivering too much information. I’m structuring this course. Exactly. As I would structure my one-on-one sessions. And there you have it.

We don’t need to overcomplicate it again. We’re not creating a university level curriculum for our online course. It’s no different than working with clients. One-on-one. All right. So three big reasons why every dietician business needs an online course. It’s smart for your business. Online courses are the way of the future. We are perfectly positioned to create online courses. So again, make sure you check out the free training that I have available choosing your on your profitable, online course topic.

That’s linked directly below. This podcast episodes, you can feel free to check that out. Otherwise. I hope that you’re as interested in this topic as I am. I love online courses. I love to talk about online courses. So if you have any specific questions, feel free to shoot me an email, a specific questions about creating an online course for your business. Shoot me an email [email protected].

Or send me a DM on Instagram at dietitian success center. And I’m more than happy to go back and forth with we forward with you. And talk a little bit about what your online course could look like. All right. I hope you have an awesome week and I will see you next Thursday.

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