149: Creating E-books and Courses to Scale your Biz with Young Kids & Limited Time, with Krystyn Parks (Pediatric Dietitian and Lactation Consultant)

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In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, Krista Kolodziejzyk sits down with Krystyn Parks, pediatric dietitian, lactation consultant and founder of Feeding Made Easy. This podcast explores:  Links:  This podcast episode is sponsored by Practice Better and That Clean...

In this episode of The Dietitian Success Podcast, Krista Kolodziejzyk sits down with Krystyn Parks, pediatric dietitian, lactation consultant and founder of Feeding Made Easy.

This podcast explores: 

  • The first steps Krystyn took to get her business off the ground 
  • Why she started an email list and how it’s impacted her business (and selling digital products) 
  • How she balances selling 1:1 services, courses, ebooks and print books 
  • Scaling your businesses through online courses & digital products when you have young kids and limited time 
  • The process she uses to create online courses and ebooks 


  • Check out Krystyn’s website, Feeding Made Easy, here: https://feedingmadeeasy.com/ 
  • Follow Krystyn on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/feeding_made_easy/ 

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Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Dietitian Success Podcast. Here at Dietitian Success Centre, we’re all about making it easier for you to build your confidence and expertise. Whether you’re a dietitian or a dietetic student, we’ve got something for you. I’m Krista, your host and the founder of DSC. Now, are you ready to ditch the imposter syndrome and join our incredible, vibrant community?

If so, let’s jump in.

 Today I’m joined by registered dietitian, Kristin parks through her practice, feeding made easy. She works with parents and caregivers to take the stress out of mealtimes. Kristin is a pediatric dietitian and certified lactation consultant. Her focus areas include starting solids picky, eating food allergies and infant feeding. Through her practice. Kristen offers one-on-one services and has also created a collection of online courses and super affordable eBooks for parents. So today kristin and i talk about her journey in building her practice how she created her online courses and ebooks and how she plans to grow and scale in the future Kristen, welcome to the podcast. Feel free to say hey to the audience. Hello. I’m so happy to have you. I’m excited to be here. . So starting off, I wanna hear more about your dietitian story. So how did you get to where you are today? What is your backstory as a dietitian? . So I bounced around quite a bit to get here.

I originally went to school to become a teacher and then, while I was in that process, I decided I didn’t wanna do that. And I didn’t know what I wanted to do because I had decided when I was seven I was gonna be a second grade teacher and I didn’t really have a backup plan. But I liked food, so I went into nutrition, not know.

anything about what that would be? So I got my degree in nutrition and then I didn’t get into an internship the first round. So then I had to come up with, another plan . So I applied to some grad schools and I got into a program for Exercise Physiology. Nutrition. So I started doing that.

. And then about halfway through that I got into an internship. So I had to change my major to just be nutrition. So I dropped the exercise physiology. While I was in the process of that is when I started volunteering at a nursing home. So I got some experience there. After I completed my internship, I had a job there a little bit.

And I got, more experience in long-term care. I got another job at a hospital doing inpatient and outpatient. So I got experience, with the whole. Age range there, but I realized I wanted to work with kids. I missed that whole aspect. I wanted to be a teacher, I wanted to work with kids, so I started to specialize in pediatrics and I did NICU and pediatrics, inpatient and outpatient.

So I had. A really cool experience where I got to follow the babies from the time they were born through their NICU stay. And then as they graduated out of nicu, I got to follow them afterwards, which was a unique experience there. And then, that was all great. And then after that I decided I, I didn’t really wanna work as much inpatient, so I stepped down to a per diem role there.

And that’s where I started my business, which is where I’m at now. . Awesome. So all over the place. . Yeah, totally. And so you started your practice feeding Made easy. , what was the thing that you feel like prompted you to start your practice? So I had my second child and I was going back to work right at the beginning of Covid, and I was already anxious about daycare and childcare and then, Covid on top of it, trying to find childcare with all of that with, all this, everything was shutting down, all that kind of stuff.

I had talked with my husband and given how much we would have to spend on childcare versus how much I was making, it just didn’t make sense for me to keep working. So I went down to per diem at that time and which was great, and I have no regrets about that. . But once I was home , I realized I got a little bit bored.

. I like to, keep my brain, moving and stuff. I do have a D h D, so I constantly need to be working on something. So I started, posting stuff about nutrition and talking with, some of my mom friends about all that kind of stuff. And what I realized was that a lot of my mom friends were getting information from like Facebook groups and all that kind of stuff, and it.

they were feeling guilty about every choice they were making and they were getting all this kind of pressure. It was bad information and I thought, I could do better. So I decided to create a business off of it, and it was a. I don’t wanna say it was on a whim, but it really was just on a whim,

I, it was like, I could do this. So I did. I wanted to create a place that I was giving out information to people so that they can make decisions that they felt comfortable with, that wasn’t based off of feeling judged or guilty or anything like that. That they were getting solid information and they were feeling very confident about, every decision they were making, feeding their kid.

That was what, like really important to me. Wow. That’s awesome. I love when, no, I love when a business comes from. Just a, a very clear need that you were just exposed to , right? Yeah. You saw this very clear need. And of course they were getting their information from Facebook groups and of course it was bad information, , so that’s awesome. And so what were some of the first steps that you took in actually getting your business started? I, created a website started an Instagram page, did that kind of stuff. I. Was in the like a practice group through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and this random person, put out an ad that they were looking for dietitians.

So I was like, Hey, I’m a dietitian. And they ended up linking me up with a company that does online education. So I now do some contract work with them where I teach online classes and they’ve recorded the classes, so they’re on demand as well. So there’s a little bit of that passive income through them.

And what’s great about that is they let. brand, all of my stuff. So I didn’t have to find an audience. They already had an audience established. Oh, interesting. And everything I do has feeding made easy on it. So even if I’m not, I can’t directly tell them to go to my website, but I can say feeding made easy over and over.

And if they like me, , hopefully they can, make the jump themselves. So that kind of helped me get my name out there a little bit more that way. And then I created, , just a handful of freebies to see what exactly people would want to get people on my email list. So I still have a few that are that work a little bit better that I still put out there to get people on my email list so that I can, keep nurturing them and, keep them with me.

You’ve, shared your story about losing your Instagram for a little bit. , so I don’t ever wanna, have stuff that I can’t control. So I try to get, people onto my email list pretty quickly as. . Very cool. So it sounds like you started your email list fairly early in the process.

Yeah. Yeah. Which is awesome. I love that. , I feel like often it’s people go in hard on Instagram for at least a year, and then they’re like, okay, maybe I should have a freebie because I don’t have any sort of email list started or audience built in. So that’s fantastic. Yeah. And you, so you created your website on WordPress, correct.

Yes or yes. Okay. Yes. What’s that experience been like? . So I I think we’ve talked about this a little bit Yeah. In dms. I just would love for you to share, because we’re on WordPress now too, so I just fully understand . So I did Erica Joelson started like a free course on how to build your website.

And so I, I started that and, she’ll admit she never finished it. , but, so I had to take it off from there. It. Smoother than I thought it would. Awesome. And I actually ended up putting my own course on my own website, so I ha my ho I hosted my own course on my website, so it’s not through Teachable or anything like that, which, we’ve talked about.

If you’re not a tech person, I wouldn’t recommend it, but or if you don’t have access to a tech person, I wouldn’t recommend it. But I made it one of my projects to work on and it. interesting for me to learn it all. And I got to do some stuff with it that made it exactly how I wanted it versus how, teachable or one of the other programs would want it.

But yeah, it was a lot to learn. And it, I probably wasted time that I didn’t need to on it, but I found it interesting so it was worth it to me and. , if I ever wanted to expand it to have more of a membership type stuff, I have that availability. I have different options for it if I ever wanted to do different things with it, which I like.

I just at this point don’t want any of that. So Sure I have it just set up exactly the way that I want it, which I think you’ll probably know. So I have a little bit of control wherever I want things, the way that I like them. No, that’s great. And so that gave me the ability to do that. Yeah, it just was probably harder than, using something that was already pre-done.

Yeah. But no, that’s totally fair. And obviously we’ve alluded to the fact that you sell and offer online courses. We’ll talk more about that in detail in a minute. But what else do you offer with your business? What does your sort of service or product structure look like? So I’ve done, I tried everything.

I think I just, I we talked about this a little bit before recording, but I am luckily in a situation where I. My business is very much a side hustle. It is a hobby where I make money. So my goal is not to, \ make six figures or anything like that. My goal was just to keep myself busy and any money that I make is great.

So I have a little bit more flexibility in that I can try something and if it doesn’t work, , it’s not the end of the day or end of the world. . So I have courses I do one-on-ones. I have eBooks, I have print books. I’ve tried just everything. I just throw it out there and see what works and, so far nothing has been a horrible fail

Yeah. It’s all been, it’s all been fun for me to learn and try. But I would say the courses are probably what I. Push people towards the most. I do have one-on-ones available and they, I do have like groups or you can get like a packages of one-on-ones. I, don’t take insurance.

I don’t really promote those that much. I would say the courses are what I push people towards if they reach out to me.

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 \ Also, how. That’s really right. Yeah. That’s really the fun part in having a business is being able to try and experiment with all of these different creative endeavors regardless of what that looks like.

So good for you. Yeah. I love that . That’s awesome. Very cool. Yeah, very cool. . And so is the, so I noticed on your website you have a wait list for your one-on-one services. Is that more so because you’re like, I only want to work with a certain number of people and that’s it, ? Exactly. Not necessarily because it’s oh, I was, inundated with people and I had to slow or pump the brakes.

It’s more so just to control your time. Yeah, I don’t have much time. Basically, I , my business needed to be set up in a way where I was not trading my time for money. Yeah. I realized that my time was going to be the limiting factor really quickly. So I work during my kids’ nap time after they go to bed, and that’s it.

When my kids are with me, I am mom. I am not, business person. I’ll make a few exceptions here and there, if my husband is home and he can watch the kids or something. But for the most part, like I am mom first, business second. knowing that I just don’t have time for one-on-ones. In a few years I might, rethink that when my kids are in school.

But for right now, that’s where I’m at. So I realized I just, if I, if that was going to be the way my business was gonna make money, I was gonna be limited really quickly. . So I created the wait list. It creates a false sense of urgency there a little bit, but it gets them on my email list and then I can start trying to funnel them towards a course or something like that.

Yeah. Because I. . I do wanna help people, but what I have found also is that everything they ask me in the one-on-ones, sure. I cover in the courses. Like the courses are designed. because of all the questions that I get. And honestly, they’re cheaper, so it’s better for them and I can help more people that way.

So it yeah, in my mind, helps everybody if they would just go that route. But I know also people like that individualized attention. Sure. So I do make it available to people when I have the time. I just don’t have the time that often . . That’s totally fair. Yeah. And so let’s talk a little bit about more about your courses.

So you actually have, which I love that you’ve done this, you have four smaller courses. Each on a different topic that you specialize in or that you focus on. So you have family meals, you have feeding baby, you have allergens, and you have starting solids. . And so depending on where people are at in.

Parenting process, they can purchase whichever one meets their needs. So what was it like? First of all, four courses can seem a little overwhelming to people , not to the audience, I mean to dietitians who are sitting there being like, wait, I can’t even create one course. . So what was that process like in creating those courses?

Did you start with one topic and then you released that and then you slowly added them on? What has your process been? , only two of my courses are actually open. The other two are still in process. Okay. So I definitely, it’s a gradual process. It’s taken me a lot longer than I had originally thought.

I thought they were gonna be done faster, but like I said, I don’t have a lot of time, so it is what it is. Yeah. So I started with the starting Solids course. Cause that was the one that people had the most questions on originally when I asked people that’s what they wanted. So that’s the one I started with.

The family meals course is mostly targeting people like picky eating type stuff and making mealtime less stressful. Cause that was the next big thing that people were asking questions about. So I, \ focused on those ones first because that was the big things. The allergens course is, , it’s covered a little bit in the Starting Solids course, but I also know that sometimes people just want that information and they were getting overwhelmed by all of the information, the Starting Solids course.

So it was an idea was just to pin it down. If that’s all you want, you can just get that. And then the infant course was just because. People get a lot of breastfeeding information, but they don’t get information on pumping or on formula feeding and all that kind of stuff. I’m a dietitian, but I’m also an I B C L C, so I can do the whole breastfeeding stuff and I support breastfeeding.

I think it’s great, but I also think that, like I said, no judgment, people are probably going to be using formula. They’re going to be pumping all of this kind of stuff. They need that information and it’s just not out there. And so I wanted to give. again, good solid information in a non-judgmental way. So that’s, I wanted to create that course, and that’s the one I’m working the most on right now.

So if you click on the allergens course or the infant course, because I don’t have courses for them yet I do have it’s a more in-depth freebie basically. That’s a cliff notes of what the course will be because I realized. , it’s gonna take me a while to finish this infant course.

And the people who are interested in it won’t have infants at that point anymore. And I felt bad that I couldn’t help them, so I wanted to give them something . Yeah. So I probably would give away everything for free if I could. So I wanted to give them just something so that’s available to them.

And then my allergens course is, , honestly, very similar to the book I ended up putting out there. So like I, I put the information in different ways to see what works for people. But yeah I’ve been working on, one course at a time, very slow, slowly, but the recording ends up being a problem because I usually have kids in the background making noise and that’s not conducive for, to recording.

Yeah. So that’s been a huge limiting factor for the courses. That I’ve noticed. But they’re slowly coming along. They’ll get done eventually . Yeah, for sure. And so can you speak, sorry, my dog is barking in the background as we’re talking about background noises. So can you speak a little bit to just the sort of background process?

Wow. He’s really going for it. , he’s going nuts. Can you speak a little bit to like how you actually create your course videos? , that’s just a question that people are so that that it is, like if you’ve never done it before, it’s really confusing. Yeah. And so can you just speak to how you do it?

I’d love to hear how somebody else does it. Yeah. So I use, Canva for the. presentation part of it. And then I’ve recorded in Loom and I’ve recorded in Canva itself, and they’ve both worked really well. I’ve liked Loom because I can embed the videos and then I don’t have to have them.

Hosted on my website itself. Yeah. They’re hosted, they’re somewhere else. . Versus with Canva, it has to be an actual video. So that’s like the downside of that. Basically, I. Record them and then upload them to the website or embed them or whatever. But yeah, I, it’s basically just like giving a PowerPoint presentation in college, more or less.

But I try to keep them super short and super to the point. And, my target demographic is more or less me, a few years ago. . So I know I don’t have time, I don’t, have a lot of energy. So everything I try to make into bite size chunks, just exactly what you need to know and nothing else.

So it’s a little bit different than I guess doing it in college because you don’t wanna, make anything any longer than it has to be. But other than that, it’s basically just like giving a presentation in college again, so it, It’s not hard. I guess if you’re, if you’ve done it before, if you’ve given presentations before.

Yeah. I like the idea of using Loom, actually. Yeah. I’ve never thought of that before. Because what we do is we do, so we record them in Canva and then we. export them, and then we upload them to Vimeo and that’s how Okay. We host them through our website so that we don’t have to upload them to our actual website or also our website would be way too slow.

A Loom sort of eliminates that step, which of having to download them in Canva and then upload them to Vimeo, so very cool. Yeah. And Loom is a very useful tool as well for a lot of things in your business, so Yes. Yes. It’s worth it to explore. Yeah. Yeah. I had to use it for something else, so I had it for a different, project altogether.

So I was already using it to record something, so I was like, oh, this actually works really well. Yeah. And you can do it with video or without video. So it’s, up to you if you want your face in it or not. Yeah. So I have some that have it and some that don’t, so that’s a nice feature as well, yeah. If you don’t wanna make yourself look good before a video, you don’t have to. Totally. Which I think is another it could be another like barrier definit to starting it is if you don’t wanna, if you’re worried about, how you look or how you appear, just don’t put. Video or don’t have your video on.

Just have it be your voice for most lessons. If that’s, something that’s stopping you. I’m all about removing barriers. So just, just recording, making it as efficient as possible. Yeah, exactly. Totally . That’s fantastic. Okay, let’s talk a little bit about your ebook. I’m excited about this because there’s a lot of rds out there that really wanna create e-books, but have no idea where to start.

I actually don’t think I’ve had somebody on the podcast yet who has actually created e-books that they sell. So can you walk us through your process for creating e-books? I would say from like how do you come up with the content, where do you create it, and then how do you actually sell? . Yeah. So I have two different types of eBooks that I sell.

So the first ones that I actually created were basically my course script. I edited into a book format. Because I realized that there’s gonna be people who didn’t want to listen to me talk so smart and would just rather read it. Yeah. I already had the content. I repurposed it, it took so smart.

Took it, took a while to edit it, but, that’s fine. I used a, it’s a website called Readsy and it basically helps me format it into what looks like an e-book instead of what looks like a pdf. So it just makes it look a little bit better. . And so that’s how I created those. I just typed it up into Google Docs, uploaded it into Reed Z, which kind of formatted it into a little book, so it has like chapters and you can like skip through chapters and stuff.

So that’s how I did those ones, which are more like manuscript book type things. The other ones are more like glorified freebies, like they are just longer versions of freebies that just have way more content. So I did those in Canva. They were basically just. things that people were asking me about.

So I have one that’s like a grocery shopping guide. I have one that’s like in a starting solids guide that’s just super condensed I think I called it starting Solids 1 0 1. Just like just the very basic version, like no fluff, nothing else, just the basics. And so I just put those into Canva. I think I had a template at some point that I got, that I used for all of my freebies.

the books are the same, where, they have more pictures, they look cuter, whatever. So I just do those, create those into pdf, d f I sell them on my website through WooCommerce, which other people recommend not doing that cuz it slows down your website. I. just found like it’s works really well with a few different other plugins and it just seemed easier to just streamline it.

So I haven’t noticed it slowing down my website enough for me to care. , there’s cost benefits to all of that kind of stuff. , so I just do it through WooCommerce. It’s. It works with Stripe, it does everything for me. It figures out the taxes. I don’t have to deal with any of that.

So it’s all done that way. It automatically sends it to them. I can control how many copies they get, so if they don’t download it correctly, they, I think I have it set to five or something like that so that they can’t get like an unlimited amount. But they can do it more than once. And if anyone ever emailed me, I probably just send it to them again.

But yeah, it’s super easy. You just upload it like you would any other media file, like a photo and they can just download it. It. Like I said, very easy, like shockingly easy once you actually do it. But again, it’s just one of those things where until you try it, you don’t know, right? Yeah. Yeah, I just tried it and it works really well.

Once you create them, if they’re not something you mind. , distributing, you can sell them also through something like RD to rd, which gives you another marketplace. I’ve also started converting them slowly into print books that I can sell on Amazon. So like I am using, I’m repurposing everything again, so it’s perfect.

I can sell it to multiple markets without, there’s a little bit of work in, changing the formatting and stuff, but it’s not recreating the wheel. It’s, starting with something that I’ve already done the work for. Totally. That’s always nice . Yeah. That’s awesome. And so let’s talk a little bit about, and thank you for sharing that process.

That’s super helpful. Even just sharing like tech platforms that you’ve used is just always so helpful. Yeah. So let’s talk a little bit about marketing. and what you feel like has worked for you in terms of marketing, your eBooks, your courses, what are some of those tactics that you’ve tried that you’re like, that feels tried and true?

So the courses that I teach online where I’ve been able to like market myself through that other company work really well. I’ve definitely seen people come in through that. Instagram has worked not in people finding me on Instagram and getting services, but I’ve made connections with like other rds who refer to me, which is really nice.

, which kind of surprised me cuz I, you would think that it’d be more competitive. But there’s a few other pediatric rds and we all specialize in slightly different things. And if They see something that they’re like, I don’t really feel like that’s my area. They’ll send ’em to me or I’ll send ’em back to them.

That’s been a cool way to use that platform that I wasn’t really expecting. I’ve been surprised because I’ve actually gotten a couple of just cold people who found an article on my blog that they liked and just went straight from there, which I. Was told does not happen. But I’ve written a few that are like very niche down topics and so those people found me based off of that.

And that’s the best . Yeah. That’s the best. There you go. . Yeah. So if there’s something that you know a lot about in a very niche down topic, definitely worth writing about. Cause you’ll definitely get a, a couple people Yeah. Who, will like you from that. So it’s, I’ve gotten people through a few different channels like that have just been good.

But I think it’s, , A lot of just the connections that I’ve made with people, I would say are probably the best ways that I’ve gotten. People just talking with people, making connections with different companies or different businesses and just throwing my name out there Hey, I exist , . Yeah, and that’s worked really well for me. Awesome. And how often do you contact your email list? Or do you send an email to your email list? Weekly. Okay. Yeah. Awesome. So I have Gosh, I have, I think my emails are done through like months ahead of now. Like I have them. Wow, that’s amazing.

I have them done. I have I just have them all the way done, so that way if I ever like. Have a lapse where I don’t have time to do them, they’re done. So I try to write a new email every week, but if I don’t get to it, I’m still like way ahead. And then I have it set up so that when they start, they get, they start at the beginning and then, they get added on.

So I’m writing emails. I’m writing emails that go out to people, but they are set up so that they will also like staggered in terms of when Yeah. Yeah. So they’ll be going out to like the new people in like even longer time. It’s. I’m good on emails. basically. Yeah. But yeah, they, that’s awesome.

They go out weekly to everybody. And then every once in a while I’ll send out like a, a sale email. Yeah. Or if there’s something that I need to promote today for whatever reason I’ll blast everybody. . But otherwise they just get the weekly emails. Awesome. And what email marketing platform do you use?

Floes. Okay, cool. Yeah. Yeah. . And what do you feel has not worked for you? Is there anything that you’re, you’ve tried that you’re like, that’s a flop ? So like I said, Instagram has not worked as far as like people like following me and then them being like, I like you, and like maybe it will in the long run, I don’t know.

I am not good at in person, like face-to-face marketing. I don’t sell myself well. So like I got some hard copies of my books and gave them to people and then tried to sell myself from there. And. Failed miserably. Like I am not good at that. I need a hype person with me who’s no, she’s really cool.

You can do it. You can do it. Yeah. , it’s just not my strength. Like I am confident, like I know what I’m talking about, but yeah. And I know like I have the good product, but I just am not good at telling that to people. Sure. Which probably just would come with more practice I’m sure. But that is definitely something that I need to work on.

Cause I’ve tried to do that in person and it. It does not work. I am much better once I have an established relationship with someone. I’m not good at the cold. Trust me, I’m great at this. . So yeah. Those have not gone well for me. . Fair enough. Yeah, fair enough. We all have strengths.

Yeah. Yeah. And so what is one piece of advice that you would give to brand new business owners or those people that are looking to start a similar practice or similar? I would say to just try something. It’s never gonna be easy and it’s never gonna be comfortable. . So just do it. You can find like either a friend or, either in person or virtually who’s doing something and contact them because there’s certain things that like you just don’t get unless you’re creating a business.

It. , it’s hard. And it, it’s, having somebody that you can talk to about it is great, especially if you can find someone who if you’re working on your website a lot, find someone who’s creating a website, cuz you’re gonna have questions and you’re gonna have different things that you wanna talk to somebody about.

And you’re gonna start throwing out like words, like plugins and people are gonna stare at you like, I have no idea what you’re talking about. So if you can find someone who’s doing it or who has done it, so you can just have someone to, vent to or talk about, that can be super helpful. , whether it’s virtually or in person, either way, just having that kind of, person, they can be your hype person too and tell you to, to keep going when it gets hard.

Yeah. Look over your stuff when you don’t know if. If it’s good or not, like just having that person can be really helpful. , even if you have like a partner or family, it’s great. But having someone who’s also doing business type stuff, I think is better. Yeah. Just to, I dunno. Help push you.

Yeah, totally. And they just get you and what you’re going through. Exactly. Like you said, non-business people, they just are people who don’t have their own businesses. There’s just things. They just don’t get . Yeah. They, and it’s totally, it just is, it’s just, it’s a weird thing that you’re doing.

It’s, it is. I don’t know. And it, it takes a certain personality. So finding someone else who probably has a similar personality I think is helpful. For sure. For sure. Such good advice. And so what’s next for your business? Great question. , I am trying to figure that out. So I need to finish up my courses.

And like I said, I’m converting my eBooks to print books right now so that I can put them on Amazon. Which, Been interesting. And then I’ve been working a lot on my s e o for my blog so that I can eventually monetize that. So that’s been going, slow but steady. That’s a long game, but those are where I’ve been focusing right now.

I, like I said, I realized quickly that time is my limiting factor. So I am trying to get as many passive income streams as possible kind of set up so that I’m, Solid when I don’t have the time, because as my kids get busier, I’m busier and then I’m more tired. I don’t wanna spend the time at night anymore.

Like it’s becoming just nap time. And my kid’s gonna start dropping his naps soon. And then I’m not quite sure what I’m gonna be doing. . . I’m trying to, , get all that kind of stuff set up, while I can. So that’s my, yeah, my strategy. Fair enough. That’s very cool. And that’s why.

The dietetics field is so awesome , because there’s so many ways to build out some of those passive income streams. So yeah. Good for you. Love that . So where can the audience find out more about you and the work that you do? So my website is feeding made easy.com. And then I’m on Instagram at Feeding underscore Made underscore Easy.

So those are probably the two easiest ways to find. Awesome. I will link to those in the podcast description. But thank you so much for joining me today. It was so good to talk to you. Thank you for sharing all of your ebook, wisdom . That was amazing. Thank you so much for having me. This was fun.

Thank you.

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