50 Examples of SMART Goals for Dietitians

examples of smart goals for dietitians

This list of 50 examples of SMART goals for dietitians can act as a template to help you come up with goals in each category of your life – personal, wellness, professional, financial and business (if applicable!) 

As an entrepreneur myself, I work with dietitians to help them start and grow their businesses. Working with dietitians every single day, the idea of goal setting comes up all the time.

We are a group of people that help individuals day in and day out set goals in their own lives. But sometimes, we neglect to set goals in our lives. We’re so busy helping others, that sometimes we forget about ourselves.

Does that resonate with you?

I know that it certainly does for me.

Spend some time starting to set goals for yourself by choosing ONE goal within each domain to focus on. 



Examples of Smart Goals for Dietitians:

      • Read ____ non-fiction/fiction/business books by ____ 

      • Write ____ words in my journal every (day/week) 

      • Schedule ____ no-work vacations to take in the upcoming year 

      • Organize ____ social events with my friends each (month/quarter) 

      • Visit my ____, ____ times each (month/quarter/week) 

      • Call my ____, ____ times each (month/quarter/week) 

      • Organize my closet/office/basement by _____ 

      • Spend ____ minutes each (day/week) on (insert any personal hobbies that you enjoy) 

      • Spend ____ minutes practicing/learning (language) each day


      Examples of Smart Goals for Dietitians:

        • Do yoga ____ times per (day/week/month) 

        • Incorporate meditation into my daily routine for ____ minutes 

        • Complete a 5k/10k/half marathon, etc. by ____ 

        • Drink ____ L of water each day 

        • Incorporate vegetables into two meals each day 

        • Reduce alcohol consumption to _____ each day/week/month 

        • Go for a walk each day for ____ minutes 

        • Record 3 items in my gratitude journal each morning 

        • Meet with my therapist to work on my mental health _____ per (week/month) 

        • Sleep for ____ hours each night 

        • Take ____ time off of social media each (day/week)


        Examples of Smart Goals for Dietitians:

          • Take ____ professional development courses by ____ 

          • Read ____ books on ____ topic by ____ 

          • Set up quarterly meetings with my boss to discuss my development 

          • Start volunteering ____ times per (week/month) at ____ 

          • Organize my time by starting each day with 10 minutes of creating a to-do list, looking at my calendar and prioritizing my tasks 

          • Decrease stress at work by taking ____ minutes off for lunch/coffee break each day 

          • Find a mentor and organize a ____ minute meeting every (month/quarter) 

          • Start posting on LinkedIn ____ times per (week/month) 

          • Invite 1 new person out for coffee every (month/quarter) 


          Examples of Smart Goals for Dietitians:

            • Contribute ____ to my RRSP/TFSA/savings account each (month/quarter) 

            • Save ____ towards a down payment on a house 

            • Create a budget for my personal spending 

            • Spend ____ on meals/takeout/groceries/restaurants each (week/month)

            • Contribute ____ to pay off my debt each (week/month/quarter) 

            • Save ____ for (anything you want – material or otherwise) by ____ 

            • Meet with a financial advisor and set up a savings goal for the upcoming year 

            • Organize my house and sell extra items on Facebook Marketplace to make an extra ____ 

            • Save ____ towards a trip to ____ to take in (year) 

            • Use $____ as ‘fun money’ to do something I love each (week/month/quarter)


            Examples of Smart Goals for Dietitians:

              • Get my first client by ____

              • Finish my website by ______ 

              • Setup my EMR platform by _____

              • Reach out to _____ brands/freelance clients by ______ 

              • Post on Instagram _____ times in _____

              • Book ____ discovery calls each week 

              • Achieve a ___% ‘close rate’ on discovery calls by _____

              • Make $_____ in my business by _____

              • Reduce my costs by ______ in (year)

              • Launch my group program by _______

              • Finish & launch my online course by ______ 

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