What is included?– General hydration tips– Water and other drink recommendations– Signs of dehydration– Tips to drink more fluids
What is included?– Basic cooking skills handout– Ingredient swaps– Cooking tools– Cooking terms– Healthy cooking tips– Herb and spice information
Click here to access the White Label Template on Canva This resource is available as a White Label Template –...
What is included?– Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack ideas inspired by the Mediterranean Diet
What is included?– Vegan, vegetarian, meat swaps, eat less meat, eat more plants
What is included?– Health benefits of movement– Ideas for aerobic activities– Ideas for strength activities
What is included?– Questions to ask to start adding more nutrition– Examples of nutritious additions– How to combine craving foods...
What is included?– Tips to make nutrition tasks easier– Gentle nutrition tips
What is included?– What are antioxidants– Foods high in antioxidants– Tips to eat more antioxidant-rich foods
What is included?– Patient handout encouraging a rainbow of fruits and vegetables– Eat more plants, plant-based, fruits and veg