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What is included?– French version of our patient handout encouraging a rainbow of fruits and vegetables– Eat more plants, plant-based,...
What is included?– Plate method inspired handout for French speakers that breaks down how to balance meals and snacks with...
What is included?– What is intuitive eating– Principles of intuitive eating– Diet culture– Hunger signals– Permission to eat– Food police–...
What is included?– Questions to ask to start adding more nutrition– Examples of nutritious additions– How to combine craving foods...
What is included?– Division of Responsibility, picky eating, child nutrition– Intuitive eating for kids, principles of intuitive eating applied to...
Click here to access the Canva template  (Please note that you can freely use this resource with your clients and...
What is included?– Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack ideas inspired by the Mediterranean Diet
What is included?– What is the Mediterranean Diet?– Featured nutrients– Research on the Mediterranean Diet– Adhering to and implementing the...
What is included?– High iron foods– Vegan and vegetarian iron sources– Non heme iron sources– Iron rich foods for a...
What is included?– Vegan, vegetarian, meat swaps, eat less meat, eat more plants
What is included?– Signs of readiness for introducing solid foods to infants– Plant-based foods to include for optimal nutrition and...